Money Solves All Money Problem

Sitting down with a few friends at dinner and lamenting about money, and many things that we can do if we have more money.

Is money so important? The answer is yes, given our context. Money is so important due to the importance our society places on it. You can say money doesn’t exist. But money exist in the context of our society and civilization, especially how much power it grants you these days. Despite originally created as bartering tool… it has become a very very powerful tool that we can have.

Life’s all about money! (not)

Of course, with all guys at the table, we did say how it’ll help us get girls! lol

Despite poor getting poorer and rich getting richer and supposed “class warfare,” the only attitude to money I can see is for us to accept it for what is and understand how it is a useful resources in our society.

Don’t hate it, and definitely don’t hate people because they are rich.. I say, be precise! Dislike them for their characters if you really want to dislike them :)

Realize yet, money doesn’t solve all problem.

Money solves all money problems… and many problems involve money in our life

Never say money is not important, which I don’t anyone can say unless they “quit” living in civilization. I want to manage it now, save/invest diligently now because I don’t want money to be the primary issue in making the many decisions in life.

Moreover in terms of marriage, it seems to always be the last straw that breaks the relationship apart. Not having money in a marriage is like not having the number 2 pencil when you need to take a written exam. The pencil won’t help you to ace it but without the pencil, it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how well you know the materials! Marriage is like so.

Money is a resource to be utilized to solve our money problem so we can enjoy life and give our best to improving all the other (more important) aspects in life.

At least, this is how I see it.

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