Liberation Not Reached through Hostility

The idea of liberation is quite muggy. And I find people do not behave in ways that will allow them to be liberated even when they say they want liberation. Perhaps because of the mugginess.

Here’s as liberation as I understand it.
To be liberated is to be free from something. To be free from something means that it is okay to walk away from it. And more importantly, it also means that it is okay if you cannot walk away from it. Thus, to be liberated means you had gotten passed, you had outgrown something, or an idea.

I said at the beginning that people do not behave in ways that will allow them to be liberated because currently when most people seek any form of liberation (material, spiritual, or ideal, whatever), they seek it with an attitude of aggression and hostility. Some form of opposition and conflicts are okay and necessary but how could they ever be liberated when they feel so extremely that they cannot be at peace unless they had completely obliterated that something.

If you cannot be at peace until you had completely destroyed or removed something from your life, it cannot be said that you are liberated. The situation is precisely opposite because it really means you still care so much. Ironic, isn’t it?

Now if we look at the manners and attitudes of people around the world who are trying to solve all sorts of human issues, so many of them approach the solution with exactly an extreme kind of aggression and hostility. It becomes no surprise that nothing seems to gets solved, right? As opposite, we seem to have more and more problems to ourselves.

Instead of liberation, we find ourselves entrapment.

True liberation comes from maturity, perception, and wisdom. We humans are teenagers who still have a lot of maturing to do. That is, seeing that human civilization began 5000 years ago while earth is more than 4.5 billion years old, I’d say that’s a fair statement.

Of course, without scientific proof. And without scientific proof coming from some form of some experts, nobody listens, cares, trusts, or gives a shit.

And one more thing, next time you wonder if you are free (from something), try feeling how freely that you are able to walk away (from it)?

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