Gangnam Style vs. Quantitative Easing

I think a lot to try have more insight into why the current state of human affairs is… for the lack of a better word, as shitty as it feels. So I jumped over to Youtube and did a quick search for “Gangnam Style” and “Quantitative Easing,” and I took the most viewed result in the 1st page for each query.

Gangnam Style (link)

Quantitative Easing (link)

Now I laughed when I watched Gangnam Style for the first time. It’s great fun and entertaining. It even is somewhat of a satire against lavish lifestyle. However, perhaps the disparity between the view counts is a telling sign. It is almost a 100:1 ratio.

It is about right when I casually bring up in conversation with people if they know one or the other. Almost everyone would know about Gangnam Style but rarely does someone really understand what QE means. And this includes a lot of engineeers and other supposedly educated people being in the bay area.

I’m not against knowing about Gangnam Style… but should not more of us know about QE, being that is supposedly that has a much higher effect in our lives?

Is our lives consumed by too much entertainment, by the likes of reality TV and these viral videos?

Do we care too much about the wrong thing?

I know our lives’ busy and hectic and all but should we care and thus learn a bit more about the societal mechanics around us?

We always talk about voting and contributing to democracy, so what about understanding first?

I know none of these question matters because it’s so much easier to watch the Gangnam Style video. So here you go.

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