Discover Your Limit

Have you ever wonder what your limits are? Physically? Mentally? Skill-wise?

Today I did leg-press at 235 lbs. More than I have ever done. Rar! More than I could barely do last week, which was 190 lb. Our body is truly an interesting and amazing piece of machinery.

By the way, some of you may think that is nothing… it maybe so, but keep in mind I weigh a little under 130 lb.

I mentioned the difference of 45 lbs in my ability to do leg press within a week’s period. Surely, my body hasn’t changed so drastically in a week’s time, and thus reveals how our mentality, attitude affects what we can do. This is the most amazing part about weight training. You start to discover what your body can do, what you are truly thinking, and what you, as a whole being, can do.

The process of weight training, not simply for health reasons, allows me to learn more about myself than ever. Of course it is a physical activity, but simultaneously, there is an internal aspect of it where you must be aware of your body (posture, breathing, [which] muscle tension), and also pay attention how your mind affects you during your routine.

Now the most interesting part…

At the point of exhaustion while moving some massive weights, when I feel that I am exhausted, the questions comes in… Is it truly physically impossible for me to move? Or is it that I am my mind affects me, or letting my mind acquit myself with excuses, and that if someone points a gun at me to move it, and will shoot me otherwise, I will muster up the strength to move agian? Which one is it? I need to be truly honest with myself. Can I move just once more to discover my limit? To overcome my limit? Despite the doubts. Despite the pain. Just to discover my own limit. And probably help myself grow.

This is the fun part to training. The process of growing and learning about yourself. I will be honest, that if it is only for the health aspect of it, I probably would not put myself in such god awful discomfort continuously. I will also be honest that, proper weight training WILL give you a better looking body :P

This idea of training is not only true for weight training. It is the same in just about any form of trainig… for physical activities and for art. You have to ask yourself and be fully honest, am I really reaching my limit? And if not, am I finding excuses? What is holding me back? How can I move beyond?

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