The Software Engineering Question of the Age

How do we create a perfect software product in no time?
(Inspired by some Dilbert moments in work meetings… though essentially, that is what managers, executives, and other so-called leaders want and ask for [implicitly] these days. Oooooh, if only they can get it.)

Some of the answers I got… (thanks to my friends)

  • hahaha you write one line of code…hello world and that’s it *ROFL*
  • not sure, probably the same way we fly without wings
  • in the design….you state that your goal is to create an imperfect software product..and therefore it is perfect by definition
  • tell ur bosses to wait til we die and go to heaven first
  • Buy it from Japan.
  • — fix the requirements and don’t change them
    — agile software development
    — reasonable sized team (I’d say about 5-10 people, but it depends on the size of the project)
    and the last requirement
  • answer is simply stop writing becase “in no time” means only crap can be created

What’s you answer? Go.

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3 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Older post here, but it is possible with money. You get the choice of three things, speed, accuracy, cost. You can only have two of these at any given point; so with speed and accuracy, your choice is to spend the money to get your other two requirements.

  2. Kin says:

    Eric, what you said is almost true, money does help. However, the fact that certain projects, or certain parts of projects, can only be done in a serialized manner where adding more people will not help, and in some cases, slow things down even more. Thus, sometimes, there is no way around besides “decreasing the speed” aka — provide more time.

  3. Eric says:

    But also, with more money you can buy the most skilled people to have the job take less time. So it isn’t always more people, it could be to have a better skilled people, which cost more.

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