Don’t Compare. Be Happy.

This topic spins off nicely from my last one suggesting people to worry about others so much as to make decisions under that influence.

Quoting the articule Don’t Worry. Be Happy:

You know who’s responsible for that financial angst you’re suffering – that uncomfortable feeling that you should be earning, and spending, more, only you can’t? No, not your stingy employer or the IRS, but worse. People who are theoretically on your side: your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

And I’d say, people not just compare themselve with their peers financially that leads to great stress. They also compare on fame, status, or any other statistics they can come by. Even worse, sometimes they compare themselves with the wrong targets, such as celebrities.

It’s pretty easy to put an end to this. Think about with more than 6 billions people on earth, when will we finish if we try to compare ourselves with everyone? Of course we will long be dead before we are done :) Each one of us is born with different backgrounds, places, and times. With all the existing variables, there is definitely no same result. What I’m saying is that we cannot lose ourselves in chasing all these other people materialistically, financially, or on fame. It’s almost like chasing shadows, which can never be caught.

We have to reach an agreement within oureslves that we are not here to become like others. We are here to be ourselves. And with our own abilities and our own hands, we will improve ourselves in ways we direct ourselves toward and reach goals of which we identify ourselves. Again, aim for tomorrow’s ourselves becoming better than todays’.

Like running on a track, if we keep looking back or sideways of what others are doing, we will only run slower.

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