Forgive? Not forgive?

One would think the execution of the pre-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein would close a chapter of the events in Iraq. Not so. Take a look at Saddam’s daughter joins protest in Jordan.

Remember 2 days ago reading the news of his hanging, he doesn’t look any different than any other old person, only helpless but calm. One would feel pity if without the knowledge of his past tyranny and atrocity, but then, in some of his own people’s eyes and people who believed him, he was just doing what he must to protect them, from what they see as enemies (Americans).

So for such a person, is forgiveness an option? I’m not here nor the one to decide but here’s some thoughts.

For people who’s friends, relatives, family, or the ENTIRE family were killed because of him, they can’t help but desire revenge. But looking at the article and from numerous lessons of history, hatred only produces more hatred, and killing, well, leads to more killings. Funny that even we can use the comparisons of two markov chain transition matrixes, one defines the transition of a violent/militant policy and one a pacifist policy, also explains the same idea, such that the 2 matrixes show the militant policy results in substantially larger amount of terrorists when one calculates to the stablized states of the chain.

This means, if you are not familiar with markov chain, in a nutshell that the militant policy – what US doing in Iraq, only leads to the creation of more terrorist vs. that of the pacifist policy on a large scale. This leads one to wonder what the heck they are doing in Iraq and why are we fighting, but hey, this is not solid proof and another topic so let’s move on.

So then, I question myself if I will be able to forgive someone who killed my family WITH the understanding of the idea described above. Or perhaps I will kill him for revenge and then his family and friends will kill me and people related to me. I cannot answer for I am in no such situation. Such forgiveness requires such courage and a big heart for how it may leave yourself with a burden to carry instead by giving forgiveness.

So what do we forgive? Forgive all wrong doings? Forgive nothing? Forgive some wrong doings? Forgive family/friends but not strangers? How do you choose? What a difficult topic. I can only wish I am wiser and I apologize for the lack of conclusion.

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