The Art of Doing Nothing

I think we are under a kind of illusion about life. Or should I say, modern life? It’s all about productivity It’s all about technological advances. It’s all about the newest and greatest. It’s all about moving forward, progress. And also allow me to make a blunt statement, that in the name of progress, our […]

The Ordinary Hero

I came across a piece of writing by an unknown author. The original is here: I loved it and gave it my own little tweaks to convey what I frequently try to convey here. A hero is only an ordinary human who does the right thing consistently. Non-truth is what changes through time. Truth […]

Making Changes and Being in the Now – for New Year

Happy This Year, everyone. And because it’s the beginning of the year, the topic in of everyone’s mouth is again the “new year evolution”. Now, whether it’s that, or you simply want to make any change, or doing what you do better, or simply just being. The following should be relevant. There is a big […]

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