Waiting for Perfection

At this moment, are you waiting for the perfect time and situation to do something? Perhaps something to change your life forever. It’s so important, that you must require the perfect time so that you are guaranteed result.

Well, that’s a bunch of bull.

I am guilty of that myself. Lately, being honest, besides having things to deal with in life, which we all do so it’s not really a good excuse anyways, I am having a difficult time of coming up with post. I am having difficulty because I feel that I do not have great writing (aka. perfection) that I deem presentable, even though I have 4 pages of drafts sitting in wordpress, many of which are quite full of content.

So to get out of the rut, I am just throwing this post out. I take the initiative. I give myself a chance to keep my thoughts alive, or get the flow going.

There will never be perfect timing. There is no perfect result. If there is perfection, wouldn’t we be there already by now and we wouldn’t need to do anything.

Of course, there needs to be a balance between doing nothing and forcing issue, and neither is any good. I “made” myself write this post because I both think and feel that if I don’t, I will keep waiting for a perfect post to be the next post and writing anything now is better than doing nothing still. Of course, I find this relevant for everyone also.

So, are you still waiting for a “good” time to start something? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Your next birthday? New year?

2 Responses

  1. I am a perfectionist and always have been. I think I’ve gotten better at not being so hard on myself in recent years, but I’m still not the best at that. I think I’m in a rut also. I often find myself thinking “things will be better when…” or “I will be happier when…” Why can’t now be that time? Why delay feeling good until some arbitrary moment? I really feel like you chose every day whether or not to be happy and I’m trying to do my best to chose to be happy and positive. Not an easy thing to do for sure!

  2. mm says:

    I like this post the best! (It’s per… =)

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