Feline, Baby Shower, College Friend, and Los Angeles

Quite a few things were going on the past few weeks that had taken me away.

New Feline Friend

catAbout 2 months ago, I added a new friend at home — a kitten who was 6 weeks old. She came from a friend’s landlord with half a dozen new kittens, and I thought this is a great way to make a difference for one life by saving her from the shelter. If you don’t know, many shelters put their animals to sleep after a certain period of time.

Needless to say, we had to get used to and adapt to each other over the past weeks. It’s stressful and hectic but at the same time, very rewarding from between having the new companion, learning about her and training and communicating with her. Animals do tell us what they want, if we are sincere to read and understand them. Fleas are a pain in the butt. And I had never heard a cat purr before this, but now I get to hear it everyday.

Of course, this means new expense for food, litter, vet. and what not. But life is not always about me, or ourselves.

Baby Shower

There seems to be an epidermic of pregnant women in Bay Area. Anyways, a good friend is having her first baby so there of course is baby shower. I got her a card with a personal touch of writing + a $25 Target gift card. For the first time of my life, I ate a can Gerbil baby food. Despite the sweet potato taste being somewhat okay, I swear I will never torture any babies with these food.

College Friend

friend_catSomething definitely out of the norm is the visit of a college friend, who I hadn’t seen in 2+ years. It was exciting to see each other again. As it’s her birthday, a group of us went out to Little Sheep Mongolian hotpot in San Mateo. The place was so crowded and we had to wait some 30+ minutes. Yet, the food was alright. I don’t think it’s worth it.

The fascinating part about meeting people from the past is to see the reflection of your old image from your friend during the interactions because that’s what they will rely on to react to you at first. If you had changed, it is very possible to fall back into old patterns again if you do not pay attention. At the same time, if you had fundamentally changed, you may feel how it seems like yourself is a different person. I certainly feel that way.

Los Angeles

LA_bruce_leeWith the friends, we went down to L.A. for 2 days vacation. I indulged myself a bit on food and finally visited Hollywood and Beverly Hills. While there, I found one of my inspirations on the Walk of Fame — Bruce Lee.

tiramisuA coffee shop that is worth mentioning is the Urth Caffe , which is awesome if you are into organic. Even if you are not, they had a great environment and very yummy drinks and dessert. I ordered a wonderful Cafe Mocha Granita and a delectable piece of tiramisu.

Leaving the complaint until the end, I still hate the traffic in L.A. and is very much reminded it. We barely and only caught the end of the sunset on the Venice beach because of it. And that’s after some aggressive maneuver that I don’t usually do. Bummer.

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  1. What an adorable kitty!!! I hope you two are having fun :)

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