We Have Idiots Working in Caltrain and City

This post is soley for me to vent. What am I venting about? They have made the noise that a Caltrain would make much louder. The annoyance? It can be heard much better now in my neighborhood. The double annoyance? Read on.

I suppose that is their “solution” to the increasing amount of people jumping on to the track seeking death. It is tragedy. We need to do something about it.

I am no genius, but do they really think making the train louder is going to stop people from killing themselves? The possibility of someone being on to the train track, NOT knowing a train is coming or NOT knowing they should dodge the train is… x –> 0. Almost zero.

If anything, the louder noise is going to improve their timing to jump to make sure they die… “Yes, the train is coming now, prepare to jump.”

Did I miss something, or did they completely miss the point?

The key is not that people are committing suicide. The key is why they are committing suicide.

There are reasons why people are jumping, and they are never too far from social difficulties and the lack of human connection. Until we look at these fundamentals, people WILL find means to end their life if they had already chosen to, even if they put up electric fences around the track. They will just jump on the fence to electricute themselves.


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