Japan Travel – First Person Observation on Japanese Frugality

So I am travelling in Japan for work and then leisure. To the right is a night shot of Tokyo from the hotel room.

A few observations I have on the Japanese frugality, or rather I should say, effective use of resources, that’s worth mentioning…

  • Automatic door — The sensor is a lot less sensitive, meaning, it will only work when someone get much closer than the ones in the U.S. That means a risk running into doors if unprepared.
  • Air conditioning — A/C is turned on at warmer temperature than in the states and also if turned on, is moderate and not full-blown such that it turns the room into a freezer. (me like!)
  • Recycling — I think most people had heard of this one already. In Japan, recycling is done for more materials and more categorically and had been implemented way before the U.S.
  • Toilet flushing — For most toilet, you can choose to flush with a “weak” or a “strong” flow of water. One for… each type of toilet business we can do, I presume, heh. Preservation of water, how clever!

tokyo_meI am still travelling and will stop for now. More report on Japan later. Here is a picture of me when first arrived at Tokyo, but grossly underdressed compare to the [real] white-collars in Tokyo, though overdressed compare to the [unreal?] white-collars in the States, ha!

Oh yeah, did I say this is my first time in Japan?

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  1. I loved Japan when I visited years ago.

    The toilet thing really impressed me too.. I guess they HAVE to be eco-friendly with such a densely packed country with limited natural resources.

    Have you tried the produce? It is out of this world

  2. Kin says:

    The produce is fantastic, definitely fit the description “out of this world”. I had the fuzzy peach, Japanese cherry, grape, and honeydew melon, and they are soooooo scrumptious. Their delicacy severely exposes the blend-ness of produce in the States.

    On top of that, I think it’s almost impossible to eat a “bad” meal or disgusting food in Japan.

    I’m so getting spoiled by the food here.

    On the other subject, it’s nice to have some limitations to keep us in check and let us act more in harmony with our surroundings.

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