Back from Trip and a Refreshed Look

I had returned from my Japan trip this afternoon. In a few words, the trip was wonderful with the company of friends and their utmost kindness. Despite only a few days, it was very enjoyable, and that definitely includes the food.

On the other hand, it is also good to be home, comfy room, everything I need, and money stop flowing out. But I must say, Japan and California are both hot, the only difference being humidity, which makes it a little worse in Japan.

To deal with jet lag, I am forcing myself to be awake until now which is my local bed time. I am stubborn like this. One of the things I did to during my attempt to stay awake is customizing a theme for a new look for my blog. Geek! Yep! But it’s been awhile and since I am just sitting around, here it is.

Hope you all like it, let me know if there’s any change to make it better. I plan to also rewrite the “About” section and post a little bit more on Japan. Hopefully, I get around to it tomorrow.

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