Recent Update – Choir, Piano, Sickness, and Sundry

I will just quickly recap a few things that’s been going on in my life. Those who do not care, you can stop here :)

My mixed choir at the local community had its first major public performance on Sunday. The concert was a success and was 3 seats (out of 400) from being sold out, in a brand new performance center on campus! I was happy with my own performance. Not perfect, but good. It is a good feeling to see myself improving over the last few months. From what I can hear, we sounded great and our audience seemd to be impress. Yay.

The concert was quite inclusive as it featured other groups including women choir and another local men’s choir and then, the performance includes acapaella, piano accompanied, pieces from different era, and a major choral piece with full orchestra — Gloria by Vivaldi. My personal favorite is a piece called If Music be the Food of Love.

Choir asides, I am learning this song, Se tu mami, se sospiri, for my other singing class, and also I am in the process of mastering Canon in C by Pachelbe. One of my favoirte piano piece! I’m really pushing myself to learn it, because it’s just my 3-4 years learning piano. You’ve probably heard it somewhere :)

All these while, I am still working, staying with my work out routine, and recovering from my 2 weeks old cold. A lot to keep up? Maybe, but if I die tomorrow, I would not care. Just living my life the best way I know how.

It’s no excuse though… but I want to share what’s happening that keeps me away from writing. Writing something haphazardly and not of quality just to have a blog post is the last thing I want.

Well, this is a little more about me than the usual writings :P

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