My Young Basketball Friend

It was such a gorgeous day in the Bay Area today, which is unfortunate because we need more rain or else we have a draught this summer. However, that is besides the purpose of this point.

Because of the nice weather, I was compelled to enjoy it while it lasts. After calling everyone who would not pick up their phones to share a tea or coffee outside with me, (seriously, what’s the purpose of cell phone again?), I went to play basketball to practice my shootings instead. I arrived at the court in my neighborhood, and there stood a familiar face. A boy named Nick.

Nick and I met… we actually could not recall when, but probably some half a year or so ago, at the same place. We saw each other couple times when I went to play more often last summer and before life caught up. We did some chit-chat and I showed him a few things about shooting at those times.

To our amazement, after this long while, we both remember each other’s names. I found that nothing short of amazing. We shot together for about 2 hours, during which, we both exchanged comments making observations that we both have gotten better. I also found joy when he noted that the tips I gave him had helped him. I appreciate him telling me that. We also shared some everyday things that’s happening, like his games at school and me with some basic work stuff.

We are also both working hard on improving our games, and for that, we resemble in the experience of shooting for hours by ourselves.

Even though we are no where near in terms of age and life experience, there was a connection. It is kind of hard to explain. But a connection there is.

Despite all the talks about personal finance. Despite all the talks about personal development. Despite all the current sufferings. Despite all the ideas and concepts… in the end, whether our human life has any meaning, this kind of inexplicable connection is what makes it meaningful, and colorful. By connection, I don’t mean just with people either, I mean everything around us… nature — all our neighbors.

I am glad that none of the people picked up their phones and that I went to the basketball court today. Thanks Nick.

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  1. rob says:

    I had a similar experience just last Friday. Earlier in the evening, I met with an old friend I used to be close to. However, it turned out to be a frustrating experience, as he tended to be closed off and played it safe on the topics, sort of like he was afraid to give his opinion on anything. Immediately afterward, I met with another old friend in a nearby coffee shop, and had a fantastic conversation where we argued over different topics, shared our radical observations on life, and had a very open and honest conversation. Before we knew it, it was 2:30 AM.

    It is our connections that add a unique flavor to our experiences. Back in college, most of my friends hung out in the basketball court, and our activities revolved around pickup games. I don’t know what it is about basketball (or sports and games for that matter) that makes connections come easier.

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