Called for Jury Duty

I got called in for jury duty on Tuesday for first time ever. After two days of selection process, the jurors still have not been selected yet. I am one of the 20 prospective jurors right now, so we will see if I will be one of the 12 jurors. The court will resume on Tuesday. This really is a time consuming process!

Being a software engineer, my work is not too affected being able to work at home with flexible time, so I do not really mind doing this (except it is boring and lengthy at times). Even though I have heard and been told that if I insist on “some experience”, I can be excused but… I don’t lie nor do I have good enough excuse. So… if I am really selected, which is high probability, it should be an interesting learning experience.

In fact, it already has. As the judge and plaintiff were going interviewing all the other prospective jurors, one can observe so much about each person through their response. It is funny to watch as some do try to come up with excuse to be excused from jury duty. Hmmmm, makes one thinks.

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