Refinance Closed and Other Expenses and Doing Things That I Feel Like

Yay, my refinance finally closed a few days ago. Decreased monthly payment is also a good thing, especially with a no-closing cost deal. I got a refund of about $47 back. As the saying goes, “Money is always better in your own pocket.” Yes yes. If you can find a refinance deal that can drop your rate by 0.5 to 1 point with no closing cost, I think it’s totally worth it. If it has closing cost, you will have to consider how much the interest rate drop will save you and how long you will stay in the current resident.

Besides that, I have some extra expense due to two community courses I am taking this quarter — about $90 total, which is cheap — and the parking for the rest of the school year, $55. One is a choir class that will result in several decent-sized public performance in March and one is a singing class that’s good for practice. Fun! Oh yeah, I sing tenor and practice very hard to get better.

Outside of work and gym and blogging, piano and singing take a lot of my time. Not only they make great hobbies. I learn so much about myself through them, and make me feel like I can ever stop learning and growing. While doing all of those, it’s a constant struggle but it’s also a wonderful feeling, to feel that I am ever growing with no limit. I am not doing them for any purpose, but I just know I want to and I’m willig to pay the costs. I suppose you can call this passion?

Do you have interests/hobbies like this? Me think it is important to have such things. Life is not about having things, and money, and drama, and shit.

I also incurred travel/gas cost and parking fee for going to UC Berkeley to recruit students. I have been doing recruiting at my current company for awhile. I haven’t gotten anything out of it nor do I intend to. I just feel that this is something I want to do, and I do it. I suppose you can call this passion too? Me think it is important to do things when you feel this way.

I guess I can talk about some pluses, which is non-job related. I get to meet a lot of students at different campuses, and it is interesting to talk to them and learn and observe all these people. I will do my best to get the competent and decent individual recruited, and there is a good feeling when I know someone I helped is doing well on the job. But not that recruiting is all a nice task.

It is quite a strain on my voice, since I sing, each time to talk all day and also tiring to stand for so many hours. It is also stressful to keep up with real work and annoying to tral to college campus due to parking and traffic. I don’t get paid extra for it either.

Like I said, it is someone I want and choose to do, and I feel blessed to have the luxury to do these things. Yet, I feel that it is important for us all to do things when we feel we should, not because we have to.

img_3157Again, although important to take care our financial life, life is not about having things, and money, and drama, and shit. It is always true and especially true when the media cannot stop talking about recession. When can people see reality as is and stop dramatizing everything and do what we must? *sigh*

And something totally unrelated, I picked up a LG Shine phone for free with 2 year contract renewal with AT&T. It’s not fancy like those touch-screen phone, but it’s quite dazzling. And nothing beats a free and durable phone.

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