Making a Fool of Myself

I make a fool out of myself. I have made many fools out of myself. Such as by writing this blog.
Do you make a fool of yourself?

I have done a slew of random things in the 25 years of my life. Looking back there is one thing common to all of them before i got better. That is, in all of them, I began by making a fool out of myself, and even as I grow in experience, I still do that.

When i first began…

  • Social dancing — I was stiff. I studdered. I lost rhythm. I tripped. I stepped on other people’s feet. (sorry!)
  • Basketball — I made bad passes. I missed tons of shots. I lost my dribblings. (and I still do)
  • Fencing — I sucked at footworks. I found myself helpless against better fencers. I lost many bouts.
  • Gym — My posture sucked. I lifted improperly. In general, I trained ineffectively.
  • Singing — I missed pitches. I cracked. I could not hear myself. I would screw up in recitals.
  • Piano — I lost rhythm. I hit the wrong key. My fingers couldn’t do some movements. I sucked at sight-reading.

And a more common day thing… girls. I make fools out of myself with girls. I acted nervously, said the wrong things, did not know what to say, did not share enough, misread signs, NOT reading signs, cracked bad jokes, and what not. I am better now, but I am no playboy. Maybe for the better. Or maybe I am still too much of a geek. NOT. Haha.

Needless to say, sometimes it is quite discouraging, but one thing no one should ever do is to to give up entirely. I kept trying and I got better. I gained more confidence. It would be arrogant to say I become experts but I definitely become better and better through the trying process.

One of the things I often tell myself is, if someone else can do it, why can’t I? Not that I compare myself with others, nor am I denying human and genetic limits. But seriously, if another human can do it, why can’t I? Why can’t I do it? Why can’t I do better? Yes, I can. I just need to keep trying. Better to shoot for the moon and miss high, as long as I don’t get desperate about the moon.

Talents? Surely some people may have them. I don’t believe it myself. When I see someone who is really good at what they do, I see all the time and effort he or she had spent on perfecting the art.

To be constructive, we can ask ourself, “Why couldn’t I do better?” when we fall. Let the disappointment and sadness happen and let them go. Then start analyze what could be done. What did you do right? What skills are lacking? How can you do it better? What changes can you make? Small change? Big change?

Really care and be willing to learn. Do you really care?
Don’t avoid growing pain. Do you just want the easy way?
Don’t be scared to fail. Do you care so much about what others think of you?
When you fall, feel the pain and find a way to get up. Are you not strong enough, willing enough after all?
Don’t mind making a fool out of yourself.
You can only get better.

You can only get better. Find the best and not the easiest way to do it. Set yourself up with the right environment. Find supporting peers, or if you can’t, no peers. Do what you need to do. Pay attention and strive for quality.

You can only get better.

Think about if you start life as a master in everything, there would be no journey at all, then what’s the point of life? Without growing you do not live. If I must give life a meaning, this is probably it. Life is to grow yourself in the ways that you want yourself to grow.

It sounds simple, but you see, you cannot let others tell you how to grow — live. Others including your society, culture, religion, family, friends, things. You are to be you. Self-actualization. But this a topic for another day.

You cannot learn and grow in life without making a fool of yourself first. Think about babies. Don’t wait until you know it all to start something. Why don’t you make a fool of yourself in the new year?

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