Credit Card Fraud Charges Officially Wavied

Couple months back I wrote about getting fradulent charges on my Citi credit card. I finally received letters that their investigations are finishe and the credits to my account are permanent. It’s much faster than I expected and it is such a relief. It would suck to pay $250~ for nothing. I wonder what exactly did they do for investigation though. Does anyone know?

Talk about paying. The local community college classes have started again. This quarter I will be taking two singing classes, one chorale singing, one real class. For just the 3.5 credits, the amount is about $40, which I must say is quite cheap. Adding the extra fees doubles that amount and plus parking, it came out to about $140~. It’s a good amount but doing what I enjoy for the next 12 weeks for that amount, I think it’s worth it.

I only hope with the current state budget situation, the price won’t go up too badly in future. This is actually a much less problem because if I think about the people who will apply and go to Univerities of California, I feel bad for them. Look around, it is hard to help but see fires everywhere.

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