Refinance Closed and Other Expenses and Doing Things That I Feel Like

Yay, my refinance finally closed a few days ago. Decreased monthly payment is also a good thing, especially with a no-closing cost deal. I got a refund of about $47 back. As the saying goes, “Money is always better in your own pocket.” Yes yes. If you can find a refinance deal that can drop […]

Credit Card Fraud Charges Officially Wavied

Couple months back I wrote about getting fradulent charges on my Citi credit card. I finally received letters that their investigations are finishe and the credits to my account are permanent. It’s much faster than I expected and it is such a relief. It would suck to pay $250~ for nothing. I wonder what exactly […]

Making a Fool of Myself

I make a fool out of myself. I have made many fools out of myself. Such as by writing this blog. Do you make a fool of yourself? I have done a slew of random things in the 25 years of my life. Looking back there is one thing common to all of them before […]

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