More on My Ceiling and All Them Bills

So the living room ceiling got fixed, but there is another thing going on. Due to the heavy pounding that happened during the roof replacement, nails that hold the sheetrock/dryall are now visibly sticking out at various regions in the house. Once again, I am glad the HOA will handle this, but it is still a hassle to schedule to get them fixed, and probably have to move things around the place.

That aside, I just wrote a check for property tax, and ouch! I know it is coming but it still hurts. We all know the property price here in Bay Area California. It reinforces the sentiment that money just seems to keep flowing out now since I bought this place. Coupling with the economic downturn that’s beating on my 401k and portfolio, it just sucks.

Sometimes I miss the old days of paying less for a rental and the ability to simply come and go without caring as much about the place. But no, I will always be glad that I am here because it is a process I am to go through and learn, and of course, this place is much nicer :)

In the end, it is just money, right?

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