Happy Holiday

I am spending Christmas days at my sister’s and of course, with my adorable niece. But on the way to East Bay, I was thinking, “Why the F are there so many cars on I-680 North on the 24th? Aren’t people off today? Me loathe traffic! Rar!” It’s gas wasting and time I can definitely […]

Fed Rate Causes Mortgage Rate Drop, Time to Call Your Loan Agent

When I was closing my housing deal 3 months ago, my mortgage rate was locked at 6.5%. Even as I was closing, the rate was fluctuating quite a bit, so even at that time, I had asked my loan agent the idea of refinancing. She said she will keep her eyes opened for me. Right […]

The Vanguard Group Founder – John Bogle

Thanks to Rob’s last comment, I received new materials to read and learned of a new individual who is respectable. We always hear about index fund, and people buying funds with Vanguard. Well, John Bogle is the retired CEO of The Vanguard Group and advocate of index fund. Here is the link to the excellent […]

More on My Ceiling and All Them Bills

So the living room ceiling got fixed, but there is another thing going on. Due to the heavy pounding that happened during the roof replacement, nails that hold the sheetrock/dryall are now visibly sticking out at various regions in the house. Once again, I am glad the HOA will handle this, but it is still […]

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