Pride of Ownership, Roof Leak, Recessed Light, and Money Flow

When a person buys a house, he does not just buy the house. That’s coming from me after two months in my new home. You get something called the Pride of (Home) Ownership, a.k.a. Big Ol’ Headache — maintenance to do to keep your home in-shape and upgrades to make it pretty.

My HOA scheduled roof replacement for the complex units including mine about 2 weeks ago. Week before that, Bay Area got the first batch of rain, so you can guess what happened (See bucket of dirty roof water on left). It is annoying to have a ceiling in living room that rains on you, even though I cope with things calmly in general.

I am not, nor I want to, complain because the HOA has been responsive, and we all know that is not a guaranteed quality of HOA. I am lucky. As a result, last week, the ceiling got removed to air dry.

Afterward, I got suggestion from friends to take the opportunity to add lighting. I decided to go for it and get recessed lights. There are couple reasons. First is the fact that the ceiling is already opened and hence, I save on the cost of drywall repair. Second is because the floor lamps can be removed giving me the space that I enjoy. I like simplicity. Third reason is once again the Big Ol’ Heada… uh, I mean the Pride of Ownership where the recessed light should uphold or upgrade the house price, when I sell in the future.

But alas, electricians are not cheap, and it took me $870 to install 4 recessed lights. Once again, if not for the saving of drywall repair cost, I would not have go for it now. Along with property tax, it hurts. Now that I am also done getting most things I need to settle in, I will take the next couple months to smooth out my cash flow and reserve. Though, I must say, I am getting more used to money flowing in and out faster than when I was renting.

There are always two sides of a coin. It is great to have a place of your own, but there’s also setbacks.

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