Personal Experience with Changing Business due to Economy – Ikea and Amazon

Cut to the chase. I finally yielded to the desire to decorate my place, and I went to Ikea to buy the Mongstad mirror. I was surprised when I see the price at $119.99 because just shortly before, I remembered it’s priced at $99.99. Ah, the force of inflation. Luckily, the online price tag was still $99.99 and they price-matched it, which made me more determined to get it before all prices change. Interesting thing is, the mirror is still listed at $99.99 online currently. Perhaps it is just the local Ikea in Bay Area? As a side note, the Mongstad looks great and nicer than it costs (uh, base on the $99.99 price tag).

After purchased my Playstation 3 for over a year, there is finally a game I desire — Valkyria Chronicles. I pre-ordered the game at $56.99. When I saw it on Amazon today, it’s at $49.99. Remembering they had a 30 days price-match policy, I called. To my dismay, I found out that they replaced the policy with a much lamer version. They will only price-match and refund the difference if the item you ordered has gone down by more than $20 within 7 days of ordering. Isn’t that lame?

Looks like everyone is cutting cost and trying to squeeze as much revenue as possible. Certinaly we will be seeing much more of the same.

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