Living Room Ceiling Fixed

The drywall people came today to paint the ceiling, so my living room ceiling is finally 100% fixed, yay! After much inconvenience of having water dripping down and scheduling myself to work from home for people to come fix the ceiling, I am very very relieved that it’s fixed now.

There is one more thing, which is for the carpet cleaner to clean the living room carpet because of stains caused by the dirty water originated from the roof on this coming Friday. It was supposed to be last Friday, but they never showed up at the appointed time and thus rescheduled. My fingers are crossed.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to install the recessed lights. Even though it costs me $870, I saved on the drywall repair had it not for the roof leak. The lights turns out really well and remove the clutter of floor lamps. It’s a joy.

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