Happy Thanksgiving!

Let me wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I will be spend it with my sister’s, and I will forever be grateful that we have each other. Another thing we can be thankful for is the falling gas price. I was driving through Easy Bay and saw gas price starting with the digit “1”. I had […]

Living Room Ceiling Fixed

The drywall people came today to paint the ceiling, so my living room ceiling is finally 100% fixed, yay! After much inconvenience of having water dripping down and scheduling myself to work from home for people to come fix the ceiling, I am very very relieved that it’s fixed now. There is one more thing, […]

Pride of Ownership, Roof Leak, Recessed Light, and Money Flow

When a person buys a house, he does not just buy the house. That’s coming from me after two months in my new home. You get something called the Pride of (Home) Ownership, a.k.a. Big Ol’ Headache — maintenance to do to keep your home in-shape and upgrades to make it pretty. My HOA scheduled […]

Personal Experience with Changing Business due to Economy – Ikea and Amazon

Cut to the chase. I finally yielded to the desire to decorate my place, and I went to Ikea to buy the Mongstad mirror. I was surprised when I see the price at $119.99 because just shortly before, I remembered it’s priced at $99.99. Ah, the force of inflation. Luckily, the online price tag was […]

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