I am the Lucky Winner…

Nope, not for lottery, because I don’t even buy lottery. I am the lucky winner of fraudulent charges on my Citi Dividend credit card. How exciting.

They are two $100+ charges. I found out because, first, the balance on the card is higher than the general idea of how much I have spent. Second, the $100+ charges came from a gas station, and I spent “only” $40 on average to fill up my tank each time. Lastly, the ID of the gas station is different than ones that I always go to.

One thing is for sure – it helps to pay attention to your financial accounts.

I promptly called Citicard’s customer service about it. Upon explaining, they credited me back the amount temporarily and opened an investigation case for each fraudulent charge. I also await some letters that they need me to sign. More importantly, to prevent further occurrence, I have requested the existing card number to be cancelled and an issue of a new one. Thankfully, they assured me that all the history and rewad points will transfer to the new account number.

This is the first time this has happened to me. Aren’t I lucky? Hopefully everything will go smoothly, and Citicard will not take back the credits and make me pay. Then this will just be a tiny pebble on the road.

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