Engineering Trend Once More

I enjoy thinking and predicting about the future. Here comes my prediction for the day. This shall be a nice distraction from the (boring) repetition of economic news(woe?) on just about all the blogs and media channels out there.

The banking and investing industry has been booming for quite some time, until now. Combined with the dot-com bust about 8 years ago, there have been way more students going into finance and investing, getting their MBAs and CFAs, and what not. That means engineering majors have been on the decline in the recent past. Such is indeed observable as I was getting my computer science degree.

Now that we have witnessed the true nature of I-banking, finance, hedge-fun, and because it will take time to restructure and recover, I foresee that engineering will pick up its pace once again. There will be more students entering engineering fields in colleges and universities.

Hey, sure you don’t get those healthy bonus package, but you won’t starve on a steady salary.

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