Update from New Home

Sorry for the scarse posting. As you know from last post, I am in my new home, and it’s taking me some time to straighten things up while maintaining my routine of work, exercise, piano, class, and other social activities. Here is a list of this-and-that that’s happened:

Home Depot and Bed Bath Beyond had become my new favorite store. I think I have gone there more times in the last 2 weeks than my whole life!

I took much time and effort to sort out things while I unpack that I can throw out or donate. Not necessarily to be a minimalist, but a simple and uncluttered setting supports the peace of mind.

There are some things that I’d like to get to decorate, along with some essential furniture. Note… a dining table. With property tax and all coming, I am controlling myself and waiting to see how the numbers will unfold first. I can get something temporary, but I’d rather go for some quality furnitures that will last me. Well, cost-effective and still aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

Now that I have my own home and the fact that I need to curb expense a bit. I have been cooking more at home. Check out this picture of my Lemon Grass Pork Chop, yum!

This past weekend was California Academy of Science’s opening weekend. Supposedly, it is free entrance on Saturday. By the time I got near Golden Gate Park in the early afternoon with my friend, there was not even room to pack in sardines. Before we knew it, the staff stopped letting people in for the day. So we went to the Ocean Beach instead, which was nice. Later, horrible as it might be, we attempt to look for parking again near the park because we would like to see the Japanese Garden at least, but only end up wasting more time and gas. So I think, with the current state of the economy, such free event will only attract more people. FREE! Together with the perpetual parking problem in SF, I should have guessed. So it is really my own fault. Well, the beach was awesome while the temperature was perfect on Saturday. And I took a bunch of pictures. Not all was lost.

Ok, I will be back to doing normal postings this week.

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