Foot Off Pedalsssss and What’s Up with Drive Thru

Even though the gas price has eased off a bit, it is still quite expensive. Therefore, saving gas is still a priority for most, in order to preservere through this death-by-commodity-price era. And I observe two things that people can certainly do to improve the gas usage.

PF bloggers have repeated this more times than a politician repeats his/her lies. Overtalked is an understatement. But I am going to take it a step further.

Yes, they talk about cruising and driving slow, but it is not just about driving at moderate speed. Besides not being heavy on the gas pedal. You need to be light on the brake pedal too. Car moves most fuel efficiently when it’s moving in its own momentum… you may think, “Duh!” But I observe, most people is so horrible at taking a curve that they literally stops the car right before it. And not only that, many are brake-happy on the high way. How fuel efficient is that? How about learn to take a curve at a decent speed by going outside-in using brake only as appropriate? And control your driving wheel and not swerve like maniac during the curve? How about learn to slow your car by letting go of the gas pedal? So basically, how about simply learn how to drive? And that also means learning your car’s maneuver and capability also of course.

And of course, people will probably say something like “We are no car racer, why should we learn to drive so well?” To which I will just comment, people are just awesome when it comes to being mediocre and not giving a crap about many things. Having said that, I think I just offended about 99% of the driving population… and that probably includes many of you — the little bit of readers that I have. Alas, what sadness…

Aside from that, I was in awe last night when I tried to go to a local In-and-Out Burger for dinner. There must have been 10+ vehicles waiting in the drive-thru line. So much for saving gas!! Talk about sedentary lifestyle, and we wonder why obesity is a problem. (Did I say people are awesome at not giving a crap? Yeah, so much for their bodies.) And if more people are going to fast food restaurant to save money, they sure know what they are doing…

Either way, I am sad to say that I did not end up tasting the awesome french fries from In-and-Out (why I said tried) because the inside was also overflowing with humans. Bummer.

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