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So I noticed my Google PageRank plunged from 3 to 1 over night during the weekend. This really makes me wonder why. Nothing much has changed… Perhaps I do not update the blog frequently enough? In actuality, I wondered how on earth I got a PageRank of 3 in the first place when I noticed that was 3.

One of the queer thing about my blog is probably the name… Piggy’s Blog? Blah, who the heck is gonna link to a blog name Piggy’s? I doubt many, and I honestly couldn’t find many pages that link to me, which begs the question how I got PageRank 3 all these while. Not that I really care because if I do, I would have picked some frequently searched keywords as name.

You can argue that I should have, but I begged to differ. I believe that people who need to see the content of this site shall come… albeit not many, and that is fine. The people who shall see my writings and get something out of them will do so. I am stubborn like this.

And am I upset about the PageRank drop? Not really, since I never made or intended this blog as a money generating avenue, and I am writing out of hobby and of the desire to share with others what I learned and perceived, and then of course a bit of a selfish reason to have my voice heard.

But more so importantly, when I write content on this blog, it forces me to think thoroughly on the ideas and notions that I have. I must first make it clear in my head before I can lay it down concretely in words, which is not an easy task sometimes. Without this blog, most the ideas and thoughts I could well be ephemeral and vague. By turning them into actual words, I amplified my thoughts and values, and because I write it down, I somehow hold myself to the ideas better than if they only stayed in my mind. In a few words, this blog helps me walk my talk, after it helps me figure out how to walk — actualizing my thoughts. So in the grand scheme of thing, this blog is started with a desire to share with others but provides myself inadvertent benefit as another tool for growth.

Plus, I know my writing is not perfect either and the only way to get better is by doing it, with English being a non-native tongue… In fact, I don’t think I really have a native tongue anymore… which is okay. What that means? Perhaps I shall reveal a bit more about myself in the next post. I find it fascinating to revisit my own posts from the past and see how my tone of voice and my thought process had changed.

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