A Jewel in Life

You know people always say that it is good having people to share about things, be they good or bad. Someone who genuinely feels happy or sad with you and you know whom can share everything with because this someone who does not judge. It is true, and it is most fortunate if you have someone like that.

Something nice has happened to me today, and it was not something that happens everyday. For that, I felt happy and excited but nothing too dramatic, as such is my way. And as said at the beginning, it is nice to share both good and bad things with others, friends in particular. So I shared the news with a good friend amongst a few others, which quickly became the best part of the experience, way better than whatever happened.

Once I told him about the news, he got so excited and jumped up and hugged me. No faking. No jealousy. Just plain feeling happy for me. Simply excited. He was genuinely happier for me than I was for myself. Others may have also felt happy for me and told me “Congratz” or “That’s awesome”. But no, he was way more. One can only feel it. Not that the others are not good friends, but he is just different. And I am also talking about someone who I share much thoughts and experience with and who had been a tremendous catalyst for my growth. Tell me, where else can I find a friend like this? Probably not in this lifetime. I dare say, this is better than family. You know who you are.

Such a friend is a jewel in life.

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