Do Not Limit Yourself

I have been formulating this post the past few days and let me begin with a related clip from the Daily Show that I happened to come across today. I love coincidence. And allow me to share a little bit about myself also. Now, I have spent roughly half of my life in Hong Kong […]

Current Blog Status

So I noticed my Google PageRank plunged from 3 to 1 over night during the weekend. This really makes me wonder why. Nothing much has changed… Perhaps I do not update the blog frequently enough? In actuality, I wondered how on earth I got a PageRank of 3 in the first place when I noticed […]

Cost of Ownership – Piano Got Fixed Edition

For those of you who never notice or keep track, I am learning the piano. Yep, in my 20s and still learning. I will not give this up. Now is a little less than 3 years since I began with a private instructor. For practicing purpose, I own a Roland HP103 digital piano. For those […]

Contemplation on Success

Today we have a guest post written by my good friend, Dario. Let us take a look at someone else’s take on success. I really enjoy and appreciate his thoughts below, and I thank him for allowing me to share with everyone. I do not know when the word success become so annoying to me […]

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