Driving 60 Mph on Highway 85 and No Rush

I was driving from Palo Alto to Los Gatos to a friend’s birthday gathering at a park. There was no strict time I need to get there so I took my sweet little time.

As I was driving south on highway 85, I had my windows down and the system up driving at 60 mph on the slow lane. I usually drive faster than that, but there and then, I had an epiphany, that everything as it is was perfect. The day as it is. I was in the moment. It was an exciting or overwhelming feeling but simple contentment and joy. The wind that comes driving at 60 mph was just right, so I kept the speed. There was absolutely no need to rush, so I did not rush. There was no need. Because that was the moment. There and then. There is no elsewhere to be.

While I was driving at my leisure, enjoying the wind, enjoying the driving, enjoying the weather, cars are zooming by me on the next lane at who knows what speed. It did not matter. I simply wonder where and why they are rushing to and felt slightly bad for those who feel they cannot slow down. Though I fully enjoyed being not part of the rushing.

That was awesome because how often can you admit that?

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