Bye Bye Comcast

Once again did my Comcast bill go from sub-$60 to past-$100 per month. It’s a relationship with its ups and downs for past 2 years. Unlike last two times where I could fix the relationship by calling their customer service to obtain a more acceptable price, this time it did not work. So boldly go, cancellation I did. Thus concluding our 2 year relationship. Sad.

I am switching over to DSL because I don’t watch much TV and I can get all the information I need off the internet for $30~. Surely, I may miss it when NBA season comes, but there are plenty of sports bar and friends’ homes (with HD!) that would welcome my visit. And there is a certain peace and joy after all these years of not watching much TV. Perhaps it’s just too much negativity and pretentiousness? Why don’t you try living without TV for awhile?

Sayonara to Comcast and the outrageous pricing.

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