Bye Bye Comcast – Part 2

I have read before how people had gotten resolution or at least contacted by Comcast for writing complaints about Comcast in public domain. I never thought I’d get my turn. I got the following email today for my “Bye Bye Comcast” post yesterday. I am sorry to learn that you are now leaving our company […]

Bye Bye Comcast

Once again did my Comcast bill go from sub-$60 to past-$100 per month. It’s a relationship with its ups and downs for past 2 years. Unlike last two times where I could fix the relationship by calling their customer service to obtain a more acceptable price, this time it did not work. So boldly go, […]

Grateful to Drive in Bay Area

At work, a member of my team from Moscow is here in bay area for the week. A sweet Russian lady. During our communication, one facsinating idea that she spoke of is how she enjoys driving in the area. Who would have thought? I was a bit surprised, and some people who had been living […]

Some Changes to the Blog

I made some changes to the blog, as an SEO effort to make the site more search-engine-spider-friendly and to reach out to more people (if the changes have any effect). They are mostly internal, except one change. I changed the way the permalink is formatted which includes the post title, instead of just having the […]

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