Why do You Save?

pigsave.jpgWelcome back, hope you all had a wonderful memorial weekend. I myself enjoyed a BBQ with good company while I mostly recovered from a bad case of cold since last week. Yeah, weird time of the year to be sick. Just glad to be healthy and dandy again. Moving on…

With a looming recession and the mundane chanting of economic apocalypse, I am sure you are sick of hearing and reading about buckling up and saving all-you-can by now. This begs the question why I am writing this, which may drive most of you away, but I am writing it anyways. Just because I want to and the brilliant(?) thoughts in my precious(?) little brain may never show up again. And please laugh because even I laugh at myself for saying that.

So before you move that cursor to the back button on your browser, or before you start typing youtube.com or facebook.com or pigslaughter.com or i-hate-kin.com into the address field… give me a few minutes to share one quick thought on saving.

Look beyond the physical materials to see what you want or need to save for.

You may leave now…

For those of you remained, doing the above can help to set your sight straight on your saving plans and goals by identifying the values that drive you to save.

Say you need to save for food, this one is for survival. As important as survival is, do what it takes! Work more. Sell things. Cut expense. Be miserly. Because this means survival. You are no good to you being dead.

Say you want to save for a house. The need part of this one is for shelter, security, and partly survival. The want part of this one is the luxury of a large front porch, lots of space, satisfaction to your aesthetic sense, and whatever else. This means you should definitely do what you can to save for the need part of a house. And then consider the want part base on your budget and situation. Be honest with yourself.

Last one. Say you want to save for a sports car. This is definitely a want. No argument there. However in this case, you shall examine what that want is. Is this a want where you enjoy the excitement of speed and awesome manuver? Or is this a want where you just want the glamor and a chance to brag and show off? I like the idea of the first want, but not so much the latter. My two cents. All to his own.

The two top things I am saving for are security and freedom.

Now is your turn to decide why you save.

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