Storms Will Come to Pass

breaking_storm.jpgAll things will come to pass. The good things and the bad things. The important part is always trying your best without holding on to the moments – just keep doing what you need to do that you value. Every moment is life, no more and no less.

Trying to hold on to the good things – by wishing it never ends – will cause suffering. Trying to hold on to the bad things – by worrying unnecessarily – will cause suffering. Those actions add unnecessary elements to each moment in life that cause us suffering by creating hopes and dramas. “Good” and “Bad” are very subjective human thoughts. It is imperative that we notice that, to simplify and to have peace in life.

That’s my little bit of wisdom for the day.

As I stated in last post, life has gotten a bit tangly for me, but couple things had been untangled that grants me some relief:

  1. I finally found a roommate, and so far we are very compatible. Woohoo! It’s also a big relief that I don’t have to afford the outrageous rent in the Bay Area by myself, so I can continue to save, invest, and pay my student loan as usual.
  2. I finally sent in my tax forms. It is nice to see my tax planning(guessing) paid off, I will be getting about $600 back from the fed and paying CA state a grand total of $1. I will also look forward to my $600 check from the economic stimulus package. Now, should I blow that money to stimulate the economy? Or should I tug it under my bed? Or should I change the $600 into pennies and chuck them at Bush? Any suggestion?
  3. There is some huge management restructuring going on at work, but I got over the hurdle of “knowledge transfer” between the managers. The assertiveness and confidence that I have gained from many different areas and activities are definitely paying off. It’s also very helpful to have connections with many people. Keep that in mind.
  4. I have mentioned before that I’m taking a singing class. For the quarter end, I took the challenge to learn a new (Italian) song for the final performance, which is more difficult and more lyrics. I did wonderfully and am very satisfied with my own improvement. Didn’t I say I gain confidence from differnet activities? This is one of it.

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