On the Hunt for Roommate

I have been on the hunt for a new roommate to sublease the extra room during this past 2 weeks. My roommate for 14 months is leaving because a good friend is moving into the area. I am a bit sad because we got along quite well and he’s clean and responsible. All in all, a wonderful roommate.

I tried asking around for people I know for lead, but alas, it’s never that simple, so once again I resort to Craigslist, where I found my last roommate. I am waiting on a couple response right now, and I do have until the end of the month to fill the room, in terms of rent coverage. It’s not urgent but nonetheless adds stress to my mind.

Just to share something interesting… The most ironic thing happening this time is the amount of people flaking on their appointments. Over half never showed up when an appointment is made. It’s ironic because they’re professionals in the Bay Area, and one would expect professionals to be punctual and make good on their words. It’s also ironic because one of the criteria in my listing is “Clean and Responsible“.

It boggles me because how could they set up a date and time and just never show up without notification? I don’t expect a lot but the decency and consideration from the other person to notify me just so I don’t have to plan around the appointments and waste my time. This is a matter of responsibility. Is it too much to ask?

This lack of responsibility seems to be permeating every parts of today’s society… the underlying problem of many of today’s issues.

Either way, my search continues.

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