My Singing Class Symbolizes Change

When we choose to make changes, the first step can be scary like jumping off a cliff.

I take a group singing class at the local community college. Because it is an evening class, there are professionals among the college students. It’s my 3rd time taking the class now, and I have met and talked to the different set of classmates each time.

The class is truly one of the most magical places I know of. It’s magical because the class symbolizes change and the courage to change. Note, I’m not trying to sound like Obama or Clinton.

Most people in the class have little to no prior training in singing. Perhaps they had murdered chickens with their voices when they are in the shower, but that’s probably it.

In this class, there are 3 tests where you sing solo in front of all your classmates, accompanied only a pianist. Speaking from experience, hearing your own true voice, meaning without any AV equipment or loud background music, gives you the most uncomfortable and awkward feeling at first. Besides that, you’ll have to worry about posture, breathing, lyrics, and pitches. It’s truly a nerve wrecking experience, and a very personal one also because you share your emotions through your voice — whether you are happy, sad, confident, tired, or simply don’t give a crap.

Well, the first session of each quarter always has a lot of students showing up to see what’s going on. That’s standard. By the second session, the number decreases and sometimes drastically by half or more. It’s likely due to the intimidating expectation of the 3 solo tests.

That helps to show that the people who choose to stay are people who really want to accomplish some changes and also do something they want. They choose to do differently with their life, especially it’s never a required class. Registering for the class and staying to go through with it will probably be one of the most courageous things they will ever do. They took the plunge down the cliff. They choose to change. And there will be other instances in life where the changes and decisions need to be made will require the same courage – like having the courage to jump of a cliff or jump in the cold water. You simply go for it and never look back.

That is why I really enjoy the class, aside from the opportunity to sing. I enjoy conversing with my classmates. I enjoy being the audience of the others’ performance, observing everyone trying their best (despite it’s the same few songs). I enjoy singing in front of them. I enjoy an instructor who always acts and talks encouragingly to the students. He really is wonderful because he urges people to improve without criticizing ever, and at such a wonderful place, there is simply no room nor the need to criticize. We students all took the plunge to change, and he teaches and encourages us to keep swimming while we also do the same for each other.

I just want to share this wonderful experienc with you. Perhaps you will want to take a singing class like this too. Are you ready to change? And do something different?

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