Storms Will Come to Pass

All things will come to pass. The good things and the bad things. The important part is always trying your best without holding on to the moments – just keep doing what you need to do that you value. Every moment is life, no more and no less. Trying to hold on to the good […]

Life is Tough and That is Just How It is

I have been dealing with quite a bit negativity in the past few days, weeks. Between the search for roommate, some work situations, issues happening to people close to my heart, market downturn’s impact on my portfolio, amongst other things, it’s been a downer for me. But I did not say this to complain. Then […]

On the Hunt for Roommate

I have been on the hunt for a new roommate to sublease the extra room during this past 2 weeks. My roommate for 14 months is leaving because a good friend is moving into the area. I am a bit sad because we got along quite well and he’s clean and responsible. All in all, […]

The Sky is Collapsing on Wall Street and…

…stop checking your portfolio! You heard me right. Stop checking your portfolio. I know you are very tempted to keep checking it these days. But stop. If you must, move away from the keyboard and mice so you can’t log into your account. I tell myself the same. Unless you are extremely smart or extremely […]

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