Beginning Investors Guide and Considerations

Investing can be intimidating and confusing. For people who’s wholely unfamiliar, the slight thought could be scary and give a headache. It’s like stepping in a foreign land where people speak a different tongue, and one would be in deep trouble if nature happens and bathroom is nowhere to be found. I was like that. […]

Understand Opportunity Costs to Find Balance among Priorities in Your Hectic Life

Life in today’s society is so busy these days, we barely have time to do the basics – eat, shit, and sleep. So many things to do. So little time. 24 hours are not enough in in a day! Can we have 30, 40, or even 60 hours? This is especially true for those who […]

Talk About Success Again

Jason from Live Debt Free (2015/11/15: link removed per request) left me this thoughtful comment that provoked me to revisit my thought on success. In today’s fast world where life seems to spin out of our control, the term “success” has become synonomous with money and power. But is success all about how many yachts […]

Understanding Bottom Line to Solve Problems or Daily Issues

I like simplicity. As part of my continuous effort to simplify life for you and myself, I’d like to propose to you how understanding bottom line in any give situation can help us simplify it and find a quicker solution. Sometimes, you may get stuck in a situation because you get too caught up in […]

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