People Still Pay with Cash?

I use credit cards for almost everything these days, with the exceptions occurring in Asian restaurants mostly. I like to avoid them because the few times I have to stop by ATM during the year are their fault. Paying with credit cards makes it easy to account for expenses, earns at least 1% cash back, and keeps coins out of my pockets. If you know me, asking me if I have coins is like asking your boss for a raise nowaday (you ain’t gonna get it).

So I was amazed as I stood in line at Target today. All 3 customers in front of me paid with cash, with the first one taking a good chunk of time for trying to gather an exact coinage of 88 cents. Yes, I grumbled and cursed under my breath. Given someone with basic self-control and discipline on spending, I wonder the reasons for not using credit cards.

Now for your curiosity, I was in need of a blender. To supplement my rigorous gym routine and help my muscle growth and recovery, I got this sack of whey protein powder. It is impossible to mix these powder with liquid evenly by hand, as they stuck in small globs. That’s where a blender comes in. While I could suck it up and swallow those protein globs, I am most certainly willing to pay $29.99 for a blender because protein is as tasty as Bush is pacifist.

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