Bad Weather, Bad Traffic, and Such Greed

I hate traffic. I hate traffic with a passion hotter than hellfire. It’s such a waste of time. Despite that, I decided to brace the stormy weather and rush hour traffic because I miss my family and beautiful little niece who I haven’t seen for couple weeks.

The result is a supposedly 50-minute trip turned into almost 2 hours of driving. My daily commute is 30 minutes one way and that’s the maximum I would endure in terms of everyday commute. If you ask me to commute 2 hours everyday, you may as well make me watch 24-unbroken-hour of Oprah, or just bury me six feet under. Today, I did it for a good reason so I’m not too angry.

Nonetheless, it’s such a waste of time. This makes me wonder if anyone else can stand to voluntarily waste hours in a mobile-metallic-prison everyday. Surprisingly, there are countless in the bay area! People here willingly sacrifice their life in commute in order to own a bigger house in area further and cheaper. They also do so all for a better paying job. The loss of time means less time to do things you want and less time to spend with family and friends. I can’t see how a bigger house or a little more money is more important.

I can even go as far to summarize those people’s day: eat, shit, commute, work, and sleep. All for the sake of a bigger house. All for the sake of a 6-figure job. All for the sake of money. All for the sake of greed.

Besides the cost of time, there are also the cost of air pollution with the hive of cars on the road… brake and gas… brake and gas… thousands and thousands tottering at snail pace. The situation is exacerbated in the past few years by what I said above. I guess they are driven by the supposed American dream. Ultimately, this contributes to the increasing air pollution and the ever increasing oil consumption. This also leads me to theorize that low-emission vehicle is not a practical solution to lower green house gas.

Of course, you can argue that over population(humans) and over concentration(companies) contribute to our traffic condition, but undeniably, greed plays a role in the situation. Einstein said that human stupidity is infinite. This demonstration of greed provides some proof.

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