Getting to the Basics and the Heart of Things

Success is my topic on this blog. Success is not simply one thing and definitely not about money. That is why I have a tendency to write more about concepts in personal development and less about personal finance. I write much less about in specifics and details in what to do with your money. Besides […]

My Rant on 401K and Roth IRA

I’m here to confess today. I don’t have Roth IRA nor do I plan to open one, au contraire to just about any books, blogs, or references you may have read about personal finance. I do contribute to my 401k to get my company match. It’s my way of putting the personal aspect in my […]

Bad Weather, Bad Traffic, and Such Greed

I hate traffic. I hate traffic with a passion hotter than hellfire. It’s such a waste of time. Despite that, I decided to brace the stormy weather and rush hour traffic because I miss my family and beautiful little niece who I haven’t seen for couple weeks. The result is a supposedly 50-minute trip turned […]

Every Spending is an Investment

We all like to spend money. Let’s admit it. It’s such an enjoyable experience to fork over the green paper for the things that we have always wanted, whatever it may be. Sometimes with saliva dripping out. If I know when exactly I’m gonna die, I’ll probably time it exactly when to quit my job […]

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