Happy Holidays

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Being a rare occasion, it’s the perfect time to express our gratitude for family and friends, maybe do something beyond gift giving. Say thank you to them. Give them a suffocating bear hug. Kiss passionately (I suggest save this for your partner). However, don’t forget to show gratitude throughout the year. Be appreciative for all the little things others do – a small hand they lent, a smile that has brightened your day, or simply being there for you. Life is less about drama but all these small things put together.

And I am sure you are all enjoying some festivity and parties with family and friends. Enjoy some good food but take care not to indulge too much or too long. A bit of indulgence is okay, but it’s a heck lot of harder to get rid of some 20,30 lbs than gaining them. Just a word of caution.

With that said, thank you to you all who take the time to stop by my blog over the year. It’s been fun and wish you all a Happy New Year!

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