Work Work Work… Where is life?

I hate to say it, work has gone crazy lately and taken over much of my time, leaving me little to no time for piano, gym, reading, and many other things I enjoy doing outside of work. This is not desirable but one has to do what he has to do to make it and bring bread to the table. I’m sure you can relate.

Then it makes me think, is it really worth it to take on a job for the monetary compensation that will consume all your time and add insurmountable stress to your life? (i.e. investment banking…)

I guess it all depends on one’s preferences and priorities. For me, I like maintaining a balance beteween work and life because if I only know work and career, it’s like throwing away myself because there are many things that are important to me, and only if they’re together makes up the entire me. If I am 100% work, I am no longer myself and I’m throwing myself away for money.

What about you?

On the other hand, I caught a glimpse of a new NBC series called Life, which has a very intriguing character, Charlie Crews. All his dialogues contain very deep zen philosophy and messages, like “being in the moment” and “you don’t have to understand here to be here”. It is also because of his zen understanding that he has this imperturbable calmness, in most cases. Remember how many times I have made reference to calmness in my posts and when I talked about having a calm, compsoed, and still mind. Now you know why I’m interested :)

So if anyone is interested in or is studying zen, I encourage you to watch Life and pay attention to the dialogues. The show is on during “off-time” from 10:00-11:00pm, unfortunately. I contemplate the main reason being that the general audience will not watch Life due to its “confusing” and “boring” dialogues. My 2 cents. You can look up the background and details of the show online.

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