Work Work Work… Where is life?

I hate to say it, work has gone crazy lately and taken over much of my time, leaving me little to no time for piano, gym, reading, and many other things I enjoy doing outside of work. This is not desirable but one has to do what he has to do to make it and […]

Home Ownership Is Calling My Name?

One of the thing that I am indeed saving up for is to purchase a place to call my own eventually, as most of us are and most of us did. Just today, the condo unit right across from my rental is doing an open house. Out of curiosity I stepped in to check it […]

Federal Rate Cut And How It Affects Us

Today marks the second day after the Fed decides to cut the rate by half a point. And today, also marks the day after many weeks that my 401k gets out of the red. I know you are not supposed to have emotional swing with the market because if you do, you will lose many […]

Doing Hobbies and Simple Things to Save Money and Be Happy

I’ve talked about the concept “keeping it simple” in a few posts before. I want to re-iterate the power of the concept of simplicity, in terms of things we can do everyday. First of all, I truly believe simplicity is where happiness lies in life. Now, let’s think about basic things that ourselves love to […]

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