Playstation 3 and Blu-ray DVD

Last month, besides spending for the 2 trips, I also splurged on a set of Playstation 3 upon the price drop announced by Sony. This is after I buckled down to save for many months. It hurts me as much as my pocket, but I considered all these are worth it. We save in order to spend after all, with the key being controlled spending. Anyways…

So what happened was I jumped on the Circuit City deal that offered an extra controller plus 5 self-selected Blu-ray DVDs (from a limited collection), which quickly sold out on the same day when I checked at night :P Lucky!

That’s besides the point though.

Today, I finally received my first Blu-ray DVD, which is the awesomely choreographed 300 that I ordered from Amazon. My expectaion is high…

After my first Blu-ray experience, I have to say that Blu-ray does indeed provide crisper image and more details. I did not notice a big difference in sound. In addition, the load time from the root menu to the various features seems faster than regular DVDs.

However, I do have doubts whether the improvement that Blu-ray provides is really worth the extra bucks, especially if someone has to drop major bucks for a pure Blu-ray player. I’m talking about non-Playstation 3. I personally think the difference between DVDs with 1080p-upscale (on Playstation 3) and the Blu-ray is there but not significant enough to provide a motive to invest purely for a Blu-ray experience. Again, I’m talking about non-Playstation 3.

Au contraire, Blu-ray DVDs prices are dropping and so the actual value of Blu-ray DVD relative to its cost is also increasing. They are also becoming more popular, so Blu-ray seems to be the way to go eventually, if not now.

Yep, that’s my 2 cents.

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