Hectic Schedule But Not Giving Up Priorities, Such is Persistence

Lately work has picked up quite a bit, and I have gotten busier on the job. While I continue my endeavor to keep work at work and maintain 40 hour work week. Nonetheless, I have had to take home a bit of work, and the hectic schedule has left me a bit more worn out, together caused by the recent vacations).

With work consuming more of my energy (amongst other things), I still try my best to keep up with commitments for myself – workout & exercise, piano, singing, keeping up w/ the readings & news & Business week, and blog (I know I’ve slacked off a bit lately…)

I workout and exercise because health is importance and my body (and the mind) is my most important asset.
I play piano and sing because they are my passion.
I read and keep up w/ news & business because I want to learn and it will probably help with my financial future.
I blog because it helps me in comprehending myself, and I love to share and communicate my experience and knowledge with others (hopefully help people in some ways in the process).

Just like everybody out there, there are times I wonder “Why do I do all these? Seriously…”

I can have it much easier if I just wake up, go to work, finish, go home, eat, watch TV, vegetate, sleep …
What a great life. It does sound appealing, mmmm.

And honestly, I am not sure how to answer the above question except the things I mentioned are things I have chosen to do. I could label them personal goals. These goals… they may not matter now, may not matter any time soon, or may NEVER matter… but just like I put it, they are my choices, my personal commitments, and therefore I will persist. I have mentioned before, persistence is very importance in life, along faith – believing in the things you do.

Persistence lets me outlast everyone else.
Persistence allows me to surpass myself and everyone else.
Persistence is what gets things done.
Persistence is what gets me somewhere.

At least, that’s what I sincerely believe.

Yes, doing all these things simultaneously will certainly leave me w/ more fatigue. But by following these commitments, I feel more fulfilled and enriched. Because of that, I don’t feel like a slump. As a person, I am more content and confident with myself. Generally speaking, they all contribute to make me a better person.

It is not easy. But who wants an easy way out anyways? Easy is plain. Easy is no fun. Easy is not exciting. I can be lazy, but I don’t want easy. I aspire to greatness.

What about you?

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